Saturday, June 23, 2018

Jon Auer Plays Some Favorite Covers on Upcoming Release

Feb 5 — Jon Auer is currently recording a mini-album for Pattern 25 that features his interpretation of some of his favorite cover songs. It should be interesting to see which songs he ultimately decides to cover — he’s keeping us all in suspense. If you’ve seen him live over the years with The Posies or Big Star, you’ve likely seen him dress up a few covers in a sound that makes them uniquely Jon.
So what DO we know about the release? It’s gonna be full on Jon. He plans to play most of the instruments of the release. Jon’s mini-album comes out this Spring on Pattern 25 Records along with upcoming full-lengths from Robert Roth (former Truly frontman), SushiRobo, and Spyglass. Jon and SushiRobo might even do a west coast tour in June. Stay tuned for more news.

Curious about the recording sessions? See Jon in action.

Robert Roth Solo Debut Coming in Spring

Jan 2 — We can hardly wait for the upcoming release of former Truly frontman Robert Roth’s solo debut on Pattern 25 Records this Spring. While Roth has worked with artists such as Built to Spill and Jim Carroll (“Basketball Diaries”), he’s probably best known for leading the band Truly, who’s 1995 Capitol Records release Fast Stories…From Kid Coma was hailed by many in the international press as “album of the year.” Fronted and produced by singer/songwriter/guitarist Robert Roth and backed by former Screaming Trees drummer Mark Pickerel and Soundgarden bass player Hiro Yamamoto, Truly developed a cult following in Europe and the US. Truly fans seemed to take solace in what was to them a secret gem. Kerrang magazine echoed the opinion of many fans when it said “Truly ought to be laughing their way up the Top 40. Except, as we all know, Truly are destined to remain in delicious cult obscurity. Thank God.”
Pattern 25 Records will bring more converts to the altar by releasing Roth’s solo debut later this Spring. Roth is poised to enlighten the masses with his thick, layered washes of haunted guitars, mellotron-soaked soundscapes, and warped orchestral passages, that are woven with his soaring melodies and poetic lyrics. Part apocalyptic, and part Pet Sounds pop exploration.

Look for Robert Roth’s CD on Pattern 25 and a tour to follow this Spring.

SushiRobo in the Studio

Jan 1 – SushiRobo is recording new songs for an upcoming Pattern 25 release. Check out photos from the recent session with Gary at Electrokitty Studios. Fronted by former Posies Rick Roberts, the new songs retain the warped pop that is the core of SushiRobo, and even deliver more wacked out retro-future, sci-fi sounds than the first release. We can’t wait to get this one out. Look for something this summer. In the meantime, you can hear the new songs at the shows. (See the show calendar on the left.)
Sex, Guns, Roses, and Pattern 25

Sept 25 — Last weekend the Pattern 25ers went to the NXNW showcase to check out some of the west coast’s finest, including SushiRobo, and who did we run into for dinner, but one Duff McKagan (formerly of Guns & Roses). Duff was at NXNW with Dave Dederer (Presidents) to showcase their new band The Gentleman. I heard about more sex that night than any evening sitting around listening to Love Line. Stay tuned for more from NXNW.

Spyglass Charts on CMJ Radio 200

Aug 14 — On this day 200 bands mattered in the U.S. and Spyglass was one of them. “Wake Up Sleepyhead” continues to get heavy rotation on college radio around the nation and charted today at 147 on the CMJ Radio 200. Elliot Smith was 143 and XTC was 163. See why we are so excited? Call your favorite college radio station to hear the new release or LISTEN TO MP3s HERE. See why the Rocket magazine calls it “one of the best discs to hit Seattle shelves this year.”

Spyglass 11th on CMJ Radio Adds

July 3 — The new Spyglass CD “Wake Up Sleepyhead” climbed to number 11 on the July 3 CMJ Radio 200 Adds chart and has now been added to the playlist on more than 50 radio stations around the country. The CMJ Radio 200 Add chart lists new releases that are added to the nation’s top college radio stations.…

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