The Rocket, June 21, 2000
“One of the best discs to hit Seattle shelves this year. Wake Up Sleepyhead puts a desolate, haunting voice in front of a breathtaking sonic landscape.”

The Rocket, May 25, 2000
“The CD’s beauty lies in its lushness.” “Wake Up Sleepyhead is intelligent night music that reveals something new with every listen.” “The album is full of standout tracks.”, Emerging Artists page, May 2000
“Seattle’s finest purveyors of dark, edgy pop. The group’s full-length debut, Wake Up Sleepyhead, finds them in full form and ready to reach a wider audience with their mix of richly textured guitars, driving rhythms, and the alluring voice of Barbara Trentalange.”

The Seattle Times, June 2, 2000
“Singer Barbara Trentalange is mesmerizing on the band’s new CD, Wake Up Sleeyphead.”, Chris Nickson, April 2000
“Less than a decade ago, people would have been calling this shoe-gazer music. And while it’s true that it’s dark, introspective, and guitar-driven, there’s more form to the songs here than most shoe gazers ever managed (except Lush). Spyglass have in David Einmo and John Roth two guitarists with a very strong feel for texture, coloring the songs with tones rather than solos. Barbara Trentalange might not be a perfect vocalist, but she uses her voice effectively and is able to both seduce and terrorize. There’s real strength and cohesion to the material–some of it comes close to poppy–without it ever leaving the shadows for full light…”

KCMU Seattle, John Richard’s, Morning Show host, April 2000
“First Full length from this wonderful local outfit Spyglass. This album continues where their debut ep left off, a full sound, an amazing voice and a band that continues to evolve into something both unique and powerful. This band should be heard, and heard soon.”, October 1999
“With the husky yet feminine vocals (Joni Mitchell, Julia Fordham, Stereolab?) of Barb Trentalange taking the lead, the band paints broad musical soundscapes that flow with strumming guitars and the soothing whir of organ.”

Pandomag, Reef Valmont, April 2000
“A magnificent debut album that lived up to expectations”, Dave Liljengren, April 2000
“Layers of soaring, diaphanous, guitars teased the earthy, melancholy vocals of singer Barbara Trentalange through five songs, producing soundscapes that were both lighter than air and heavier than Bob Dylan at his most abjectly poetic.”

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