SushiRobo, fronted by Rick Roberts (former Posies, Peach), brings a closet full of guitar effects and catchy melodies to the debut release “Action Causes More Trouble than Thought.” According to Seattle’s Pandemonium Magazine, “SushiRobo… epitomize what’s so cool about the local music kids right now — bizarrely eclectic fucked-up pop that, against all better judgments and those carved in stone rules of cool, sounds ace…lead track ‘Fried Eyes’ is so retro heavy future it could be a type-face, final track ‘In Your Reach’ is one of the secret local hits of the year.”

The band formed in October 1999 and two months later found themselves recording their debut CD in Seattle’s Egg Studio. The fresh energy gave vitality to the sound, which quickly led to Pattern 25 Records’ interest and the release of “Action Causes More Trouble than Though.”

“Action” offers a fresh breath to guitar pop by delivering tones and texture outside the conventional pop realm while still supplying healthy doses of hooky melodies. Guitars wired into a science lab of buzzing currents swell around choruses that will take up residence in your head for weeks. We think you’re gonna really like this one. Talk to Rick about it at, and ask him what those weird sounds are coming out of his guitar.

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